2017 NW Division Annual Meeting

Seattle, WA – On March 24, 2017, approximately 70 Northwest Division staff gathered together at the beautiful Cedarbrook Lodge for a day of training and camaraderie. The agenda included presentations on safety performance, EEO compliance, local projects, new technologies, service awards, and future business opportunities. President and CEO John O’Keefe delivered the “President’s Message” and Senior Vice President Bob Adams and Vice President Brandon Dully gave a “State of the Region” presentation. Attendees also enjoyed a 2.5-hour presentation by Boaz Rauchwerger. Boaz, author of “The Tiberias Transformation – How To Change Your Life In Less Than 8 Minutes A Day” presented this dynamic and engaging seminar to teach staff how to supercharge their lives, their careers and add power to their goals. In a word, the day was “Unbelievable!”